italyHello! :)
My name is Margarita. I live in Russia. I made this site because I love Italy and I want to share it with other people. I have never been to Italy yet, but I hope to visit it.

I want to make this site realistic, so inhabitants of Italy (with whom I met through couchsurfing site and other) are help me in this. I express them my appreciation and gratitude for their participation.

Everyone who reads it may make support and participate in our common cause.

If you are Italian you can write a few words about your region where you live, what do you think about it, what consider important and interesting. If you have your own photos depicting the life in italy, you can send it and I will post them on the site stating your name and surname.

If you are not Italian you can write what you think about Italy, what you have associated with Italy.

You can contact me here.

Thank you!
Be happy!!! ;)

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